Now, Ive had the term ‘sustainability’ floating around my head constantly for the past few months. Luckily for me I studied geography as a GCSE and A level so term ‘sustainability’ has been well and truly drilled into my head but if you would like a definition then look no further. ‘Sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.’ If you put this bluntly it looks at us, the people, the planet and profits(the moneyyy or more formally known as, the economy.)

No matter what social media platform you’re on, no matter what channel you’re watching and no matter what newspaper you’re reading there will be a crisis going on when it comes to the sustainability of our planet. Fast fashion, single use plastic, water pollution and water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, air pollution and climate change just to name a few.. I don’t know about you and why you’re reading this, but i’m here typing it because I feel constantly guilty if i’m not being and/or putting 100% effort into being sustainable. Hopefully i’m not the only one feeling this way, and you’re reading this going ‘oh fuck thats me as well.’ Personally, I feel social medias influence as flipped the table into the wrong direction and we are getting dragged if we’re seen using a plastic straw or constantly showing off new pieces in our wardrobes or jetting off on holiday too frequently just as examples. These are all examples that can be counter acted: by using a metal straw, thrift shopping instead and reconsidering how, when and where you choose your next holiday destination. Honestly though, as a society bought up in an era with such weight on our shoulders when it comes to ‘saving the planet’ we need flip this perspective back and actually look at the stuff we already do, whether thats consciously or not and praise ourselves for it. How many of you buy and sell on depop?? How many of you already have and use a reusable water bottle?? How often do you walk to where you’re going instead of getting on public transport?? You’re not a bad person if don’t do one or two or even any of these things because there will be other aspects of your life where you’re doing great and doing your bit but its just to put into perspective a little how the little things do add up and make a difference.

Although I do try my hardest to be sustainable on a regular basis I myself have some bones to pick.. Im 19 and have a part time job I physically can not afford to go completely sustainable. Unpacked food on average is double the price, reusable toiletries and water bottles etc are so expensive in comparison ( For example; Pack of 100 cotton pads at Waitrose: £1.20 vs pack of 12-16 reusable cotton pads on Amazon: £4.09-£12.99), travelling via car is a lot more feasible (well, for me personally anyway) than walking or cycling to my destination, buying from brands online and in store is easier and more convenient than sourcing out thrift shops. All of these things make me feel exceptionally guilty. Guilty that I can’t afford all of things all at once, guilty that I decide to buy non second hand, guilty that I have to drive to work. I don’t want me/us/you to feel guilt for not being able to afford a fully sustainable lifestyle.

Heres some extra things you might not be aware of but what you can do to help:

  1. If you take any plastic container back to the body shop they’ll recycle it for you & if you take back 5 of their containers you get a £5 voucher for the time you shop there.

  2. If take back a bag of unwanted clothes of any condition to H&M you receive a £5 voucher to put towards your next purchase. ( Obviously still issues but H&M is one of the more sustainably conscious and inclusive brands)

  3. If you take back 5 lush containers they’ll recycle them for you and give you a free face mask

    I hope these are helpful and if you have anymore ‘hacks’ then let me know my instagram is @maisie.simpsonn and overall I hope this wasn’t as much of a shit show ramble as I think it might be and hopefully you’ve gained something from it!! I have a youtube as well where Ive actually got a video ready and waiting speaking about the same topic so I will leave a link to the last video I posted for you to check out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKuM51H7NSU&t=879s) Hopefully these blog type things will be coming more regularly in the future.

M x